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Speed Limit

Speed Limit is a joint project between FIEA (Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy) and FLETC (Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers). The objective of the project has been to develop a gamified training experience for officers enrolled at FLETC. Utilizing the latest in eye tracking technology, Speed Limit enables you to identify  hazards using your eyes. 

Project Description

Speed Limit serves as a prototype intended to be used in conjunction with traditional driving  instruction methods.  Current training simulations subject trainees to scenarios handcrafted by instructors, and Speed Limit serves as a powerful demonstration of how proceduralization and game design can be used to develop flexible and highly replayable training simulations without the need for creating singleton custom solutions. 

Players are required to scan their environment for hazards, and correctly identify when they are looking at hazard precursors. Additionally, players must look into their mirrors every few seconds, reinforcing proper scanning patterns. If the player fails to identify too many hazards in a short time frame, a car accident occurs and the game ends.


The game takes place through three different environments: rural, suburban, and urban. Each environment comes with its own set of environmental hazards and varying hazard densities. Hazards take the form of pedestrians close to the road, road signs, and other vehicles. 

The longer the player succeeds in Speed Limit, the faster the vehicle travels and the more difficult the game becomes. The player is scored according to the distance ahead that a hazard is identified. If the hazard is not identified far enough ahead of the vehicle such that the driver would be able to respond in time, the hazard is not scored. As such, the faster the player is traveling, the further down the road the player must look. 

Upon failing, the game provides a hazard timeline display, showing which hazards were missed and when. This  feedback allows players to learn their strengths and weaknesses behind the wheel, and demonstrates a significant first step towards metrics collection for driving simulations through eye tracking.


The development team took the prototype to FLETC's main campus for playtesting, and the game received greatly positive feedback. Speed Limit has received attention from not only within FLETC's leadership, but also from L3 Training and Simulation and Eleetus Motion Simulators as well. 


Project Lead:

Christian Tuttle


Rohan Rao, Andrew Simpson, Elaine Del Rosario, Kevin Cheng


Jack Kayrouz, Peter Finn


Joe Chu, Titanya Claridge-Walker, John Ruiz, Christina Ferguson, Jordan Brown


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